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horse-drawn carriages. >> a good idea. >> make sure you take your wallet. that's it for us at "the five" special report is next. see you tomorrow. america gets off the sidelines following the deaths of hundreds of people in egypt, president obama has seen enough. this is "special report." good evening. i'm john robertson for bret baier this thursday evening. president obama says it can no longer be business as usual between the united states and egypt. the death toll from fighting between the military backed leadership and muslim brotherhood supporters has now eclipsed 600. now, the u.s. has issued a very public rebuke of the egyptian government. wendell goler is with the
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president on martha's vineyard tonight. >> reporter: egypt's most violent day since the ouster of hosni maubarak pulled the president out of vacation briefly and said the u.s. will boycott joint exercises that had been set next month. >> our traditional cooperation cannot continue as usual when civilians are being killed in the streets and rights are being rolled back. >> reporter: the biannual exercises began two years after the egypt-israel peace treaty and once a mainstay of the relationship and haven't been held since 2009 because of the continue i continuing instability. here on martha's vineyard, president obama has spent time on the phone with the national security team and briefed by the national security advisor but hasn't co hasn't -- talking about egypt's problems. >> reporter: they both have
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accused him of supporting the other side and so have his critics in this country. >> the president has put his thumb down on the scale on the side of the muslim brotherhood. this will resonate all over egypt and not do us any good. >> reporter: meanwhile, kentucky senator rand paul criticized mr. obama for not ending the $1.3 billion in military aid saying quote the law is very clear when a coup dethat takes place, foreign aid must stop regardless of the circumstances. morsi was democratically elected but didn't govern democratically. he was elected democratically but didn't govern democratically. that's what morsi was doing. today at the estate department, a sharp rebuke. >> there can be no place for such place for violence in egypt and we call on all leaders to
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condemn such attacks. >> reporter: not aimed at preserve s u.s. influence, it could backfire. >> i say continue with the exercise and get a pulse for what's going on in egypt today and see if we can't influence events. >> reporter: mcfarland says egypts rulers are running out of time and need to restore order before they lose their support and there's a bill working the way through the senate that would block u.s. aid until there's a democratically elected government. >> wendell goler, thanks. at least 18 people were killed when a car bomb ripped through a beirut neighborhood today and hit a stronghold of the hezbollah group supporting the assad government in syria and they threatened to retaliate and this could be aport of that. back at home, it may be the quickest military maneuver the
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pentagon has ever carried out, reversing a decision that would have lead to more hardships for wounded warriors and their families. a fox news clifuews exclusive a have contributed to the about face. national correspond jennifer griffin has the amazing story. >> pretty much knew what happened. i didn't want to look or anything. i knew i didn't have any legs. >> reporter: when double amputee josh wetzel arrived, the least of his worries he thought was how he would be getting his next meal but for him and other wounded warriors housed at building 62, their uphill road to recovery looked like it was going to get a bit steeper last week when the military told them their meal cards would no longer be valid at the centrally located warrior cafe where some eat three meals a day. they were told they would have to go across the hospital campus to get their food. >> from building 62, i would it's close to a half a mile.
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for guys that don't have legs, new on their prosthetics or wheelchairs, that's a long distance to go. >> reporter: the military's decision sources told fox was based on legal concerns the government funds for the warriors meals were misappropriated and the warriors and families were alerted from a message from their squad about the change. >> the only resource is leave our building that's in rain, sun, any kind of weather. it really kind of frightens me thinking about them having to walk a long distance to get food. >> reporter: base commander navy captain fritz kass made the decision to close it on weekends and making it hard on warriors on a busy rehab schedule that often goes late in the day. and woodson reversed the decision.
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sergeant page's wife due to give birth to their first child had beep there more than a year and page just received a text that josh just received the news that his quad leader that the warrior cafe will be reopened. and this warrior who is blind in one eye and raising a child alone was relieved but appalled how the decision was handled. >> it breaks my heart to know now i get back in vietnam war when all the men and women were coming home how they sort of felt like. i didn't think it would come to this. >> do you feel like this is sort of a slap in the face after all you've been through? >> it's called the warrior cafe. you would think that's for us. >> reporter: a spokesman at walter reed said the warriors and their families were told today the cafe would remain open and continue to accept their
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meal cards, a swift reversal by the base commander after the warrior family spoke out. >> great reporting, jennifer griffin at the pentagon. thanks so much. good news was bad news for the markets today after jobless claims fell to the lowest level since 2007, the dow jumped off a cliff ending the day down 225 points. the s&p 500 was up 24, nasdaq fell 63. could new york city be the next detroit? the big apple's outgoing mayor says it's a possibility his city could follow the motor city down the road to bankruptcy. correspondent david lee miller has details from new york. >> reporter: in a little more than three months, new yorkers will elect a new major to michael bloomberg, alerting him around the city. >> it's how detroit went bankrupt. >> reporter: city worker pensions contributed to the ruin threaten new york's economic stability. most city workers and retirees
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pay nothing for $6.3 billion in annual health insurance. workers also pay little for pensions that have taxpayers on the hook for $8 billion this year. >> new york city has right now 10,000 police officers retired who are under 40 and collecting pensions and they will technically collect those pensions for the rest of their lives. >> reporter: contracts for almost all 300,000 city workers expired at least three years ago. the next mayor will be under pressure to win concessions. >> the unions have tried to wait it out. they don't want to negotiate with mayor bloomberg because he's a tough businessman. >> reporter: many new yorkers remember 1975 when the city almost went broke when president ford said no to a bailout. since then, the state financial control board oversees the city budget. the editor of the chief, a newspaper for city workers call the detroit style bankruptcy
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fear mongering. >> i think it's partly about deflecting spin and blame for his basically abdicating his responsibility as mayor with the union workers. >> reporter: across the country, state and municipal pensions are underfunded by more than a trillion dollars. john. >> david, thanks. political news is next. republicans plot strategy, hillary clinton plot as move. here's what our fox affiliates outside the beltway are doing. ktbc in austin, texas, is following the trial of the accused ft. hood shooter. wsvn in miami is watching a tropical storm strengthen. here's a live look at los angeles from fox 11. they are following the sextorsion case of miss teen usa. that's a look outside the beltway from "special report." we'll be right back. hey kevin...still eating chalk for heartburn?
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a report by a nuclear industry watchdog group says reactors in the united states are vulnerable to terrorist attack. nuclear proliferation prevention project warns the lack of security could lead to a meltdown or theft of bomb grade uranium. the nuclear industry says it has taken extensive security and taift safety precautions more weapons have been found. finding semi-automate weapons like this to the ill-fated government gun tracking scheme all three bought at a gunshot in glendale, arizona where massive amount of weapons were sold by federal agents who intended to track them to criminals in mexico. this afternoon, the fda spoke saying we acknowledge that
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regrettably firearms related to the fast and furious investigation will likely continue to be recovered at future crime scenes. to politics, we begin with republicans huddling in boston tonight trying to figure out how to broke their 0-2 streak in presidential elections. >> reporter: the republican national committee is in boston planning strategy for the between 16 race and talking about their autopsy of the race. >> we have already hired 118 people across the country in just a few months and adding more every single month doose coast. asian communities, hispanic communities and african-american communities. >> reporter: they have a lot of work to do according to one member of the rnc. >> i hear democrats that want you to stay where you are. we have to give hope to be
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better than they are. >> reporter: to catch up to democrats in the digital campaign, the rnc hired professionals in silicon valley to modernize its technology. >> we're not trying to do what would have won in 2012 and trying to do what will win in 2016. democrats are out there with their data scientists to target what is next. this time it might not be african-american women over 45, it might be a different thing. >> reporter: new jersey governor chris christie addressed them and those that heard him said he took a shot at bobby jindal who said the gop should stop being the stupid party. christie said he didn't come to the rnc to call them stupid and got a big round of applause. hillary clinton has more immediate concerns than any republican negative advertising aimed at her. new information has come to light about the family's troubled foundation raising questions about where
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philanthropy ends and politics begin. chief washington correspondent james rose sen has that story. >> reporter: since 2001, former president bill clinton has performed good works across the globe as when he and daughter chelsea representing the clinton foundation promoted literacy in south africa. >> the great thing about life, if you give it back, it keeps coming back to you. >> reporter: now, hillary clinton, widely thought to be readying a second run for the presidency, is moving her operation into the new manhattan headquarters of the foundation, freshly renamed the bill, hillary and chelsea foundation. a new investigation by ""the times"" revealed the foundation to be 8 million in the red last year and deficits that reached $40 million on a two year span. can tell you having gone on trips with the foundation and see unique done around the world i've never seen any impropriety or kickbacks. i think they brought in the law
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firm simpson thatcher to review the activities of the foundation. they found in fact there was streamlining that could be done. i hope that happens. >> reporter: yet "the times" story reveals tangled relationships between donors, outside firms and honchos like doug band, a long time aide to the former president. his firm paid mrs. clinton's aid, huma abedin $350,000 a year as consultant while she drew a taxpayer salary of $135,000 from the department of state. >> when you look at this you see the same old pattern of very kind of messy dealings with the clintons. you see profound conflicts of interest. this is all the stuff that has been with them since the arkansas days and since they were in the white house. >> the bill, hillary and chelsea clinton foundation reportedly boast as staff of 350 priest in 180 countries. a spokesman there did not respond to our requests for comment. john. >> i'm sure, james, it will only get more interesting from here on in. thanks so much. still ahead, we take you
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along as we bust food stamp fraudsters. first, 10 years, 1$1.4 trillion 18,000 pages of rules and regulations. but does any really understand obamacare?
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tonight, we continue to take a comprehensive look at the scope and expense from rapidly expanding government programs. we'll talk about food stamp fraud a little bit later. first, obama carry. almost 1 and 1/2 trillion dollars over a decade. how we got there and where we're going and the fact that few if any people actually understand the affordable care act. >> the status quo on health care
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is simply unsustainable. if you like your plan, you can keep your plan. if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. the time for talk is over. it's time to vote. >> march 2010, three days before the health care vote in congress. >> by the time the vote has taken place not only i will know wh what's in it, you will know what's in it because it will be posted and everybody can evaluate it on the merits. >> mr. president, you couldn't tell me what the special deals are in or not today. >> i just told you. >> is connecticut in? >> connecticut -- what are you specifically referring to? >> $100 million for the hospital. is montana in for the asbestos program. is -- listen, there are people -- this is real money. people are worried about this stuff. >> as i said before, this -- the final provisions are going to be posted for -- at many days before this thing passes. >> then house speaker nancy pelosi's comments about the bill quickly became infamous.
3:23 pm
>> but we have to pass the bill so you can find out what is in it, away from the fog of the controversy. >> the fact is when the bill finally made it through congress -- >> the bill is >> without a single republican vote. and then made it to the president's desk very few people in washington, and some experts argue, no one in the nation's capitol really knew what was in the mountain of pages of leg legalees that had been tweaked altered and massages multiple times 2340r s in order to get t congress but that stack of pages was just the beginning of interpreting the law. the patient protection affordable care act was signed into law march 23rd 2010 more than 125 pa2500 pages long. pretty long.
3:24 pm
implementing obamacare is a whole different issue. when you add up all the rules that come up with implementing the law, you get take a look, nearly 18,000 pages so far. that's just so far. that's thousands of pages needed to detail exactly how this maze of new programs must operate from regulations on benefits to what states have to do to comply. experts we talked to say that cease many regulations one couldn't possibly understand all of them. as the months tick by, even the top democrat on the senate finance committee described the health care law implementation to the hhs secretary this way. >> i just see a huge train wreck coming down. you and i have discussed this many times. i don't see any results yet. >> experts we talked to on both sides say it could be a bumpy start. >> in 2014 the computer system i don't think will work very well. a lot of this process will end up full away from an actual online easy user-friendly experience to people filling out
3:25 pm
paper forms. when they do that, you're going to get mistakes, people will sign to the wrong program, people paying premiums they shouldn't paying, people not collecting premiums they shouldn't be collecting. subsidies in excess of what people are eligible for. those are major kinks. one of the real tragedy is the taxpayer will end up footing the bill for a lot of the mistakes. >> over 65, 70, 80. of us have coverage now. so for most of us, we don't have to do anything differently than what we're doing today unless we want to. >> reporter: dr. len nichols from george mason university pointed to polls saying america wants it fixed. over 63% of voters think the health care law needs to be changed and congress should keep it a. 92 this messiness is normal, as american as you can get that's what we will have the opportunity to watch. there will be failures and they will be magnified and people will say, see, i told you so.
3:26 pm
they will have a point and that doesn't mean you can't fix it. we always had mid-course corrections in everything we have done. >> reporter: which is what the president said defending the health care law. >> there will be some glitches no doubt. that estrau of -- that's true of a car company rolling out a new car or apple rolling out the ipad. >> reporter: but no new car or ipad was ever rolled out like this. there are 16 state based health care exchanges while 34 states opted not to run their own exchanges. 27 of those defaulted to the federal health care exchanges and seven opted to work with the federal government as partners. essentially, it all depends where you live as to what you will see with health care exchanges. experts say it is all going forward no matter what you hear about plans to scuttle it on capitol hill. >> the federal government, they are going to be writing a lot of checks to a lot of people
3:27 pm
subsidizing them for health insurance. something's going to happen in 2014. there will be some number of millions of people signed up with the new program. but the program will look and feel, i think, a lot like medicaid plus, not like mainstream commercial insurance. >> let's take a look at what you can expect when, when it comes to obamacare. the first big date on the obamacare timeline, october 1st. open enrollment begins in the health insurance exchanges. this is when you'll be able to see all the options for health insurance and choose coverage that meets your needs. then comes another beg date, january 1st, the coverage begin is in the health care exchanges. that also means you're required to have insurance and face penalties if you don't. there will be other big changes as well. m medicaid will expand. pre-existing conditions will be
3:28 pm
covered. no pre-existing limits and expect a saves on monthly premiums and out-of-pocket costs. on march 21st of 2014, open enrollment in the health insurance exchanges closes, beginning the next year, 2015, enforcement of the delayed employer penalties will begin. by january 1st, 2018, high cost employer sponsored insurance plans begin to be taxed. the president is promising not to back down although his administration has already backed off the employer mandate for a year, simply adding another regulation to the pile. >> we did have the executive authority to do so and we did so. this doesn't go to the core of implementation. >> all sides agree it's massive and it's complicated. this chart, from levitt partners shows how data flows through the system for one person's enrollment into a health care exchange. the question is, will the system
3:29 pm
work? when will it work? will it flow the right way in all of these places? in washington, bret baier, fox news. >> did you get all that? you'll never guess how police in seattle are handling this year's help fest, since marijuana use is now legal. plus, what else president obama did the night of the osama bin laden raid. the grapevine is coming up next. getting your vegetables every day? when i can. [ bop ] [ male announcer ] could've had a v8. two full servings of vegetables for only 50 delicious calories.
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some fresh picks from the
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political grapevine. two years ago, seal team 6 moved into the compound where osama bin laden was hiding. president obama was playing cards. despite the pictures released by the white house of the president and his team in the situation room, former obama body man, reggie love, says the president turned to distraction to make it through tense hours. >> sat around in the private dining room kind of like -- most people were in the situation room. i'm not -- i can't be down there, i can't watch this entire thing. he, myself, and the white house photographer, marvin, we made -- must have played 15 hands, 15 games of spades. >> that was part of an interview love did last month at ucla, hosted by the artists and athletes alliance. the group had posted it online but has since removed it. the new united states ambassador to the united nations is starting off on a very public
3:34 pm
note. today, samantha power hosted a twitter town hall on #what matters on syrian and saddan and gay rights in russia and she replaces susan race who faced strong attacks for the benghazi attacks who said she did not think the attacks were organized or premeditated. rice is now national security advisor. finally, if you can't beat them, join them. every year, seattle's hempfest, event pushing for legalization of marijuana. this year, washington and colorado became the first states to legalize recreational use of pot so police will be at this year's hempfest handing out d doritos to clear the munchies. they're having fun with and outreach campaign because each bag will have a web address that has the rules of what is and is not legal. a huge enterprise that is
3:35 pm
the food stamp program and reality of abuse. bret baier returns now with a look whether the deposit is being honest with the people who are not satisfied with just a handout. >> reporter: column bu-- column bus, ohio, understate food investigators get ready for an undercover sting on this market snoop we're undercover investigators and will go in to purchase a card with the snap card. >> reporter: snap is the official name for food stamps. yes, it's against the law to buy alcohol with a snap card. ohio authorities tell us they've been investigating this store for months. >> how you doing, honey? good. how are you? >> reporter: the undercover agent buys a can of malt liquor. she's wearing a wire. >> thank you, honey. >> have a good day. >> you, too. >> state liquor police officers.
3:36 pm
>> reporter: once the sale is complete, the team moves in. >> are there any firearms on the premise? >> reporter: we asked how many billions of dollars it spends each year on the food stamp program ends up buying ineligible items like alcoholic beverages. they couldn't tell us but did tell us food retailer food stamp fraud accounts for just 1% of transactions. that might not sound so bad but in one this big that's hundreds of millions of dollars of fraud each year, $750 million last year along. from the heritage foundation, 1% is an off estimate. >> they have no idea. >> if the 1% is far off, how do they come up with it. >> it's a number they can't
3:37 pm
figure and say we don't have a problem. >> reporter: they checked out 461 food assistant fraud cases. eric is in charge of the fraud unit. >> we have had cases in every type of store, every county throughout ohio. there are more situations out there than people realize. >> we do a different violation notice for each time and date of violation. there are a total of 18 violations. >> reporter: in columbus, the mart is offered multiple violations. >> this particular one has three violations on it. illegal use, trafficking and illegal possession. >> reporter: the clerk tells us she thought she sold an energy drink. the agent doesn't buy that. >> i'd be hard pressed to believe the clerk didn't know it was an choirk beverage. it's not a service to the community to sell beer to a food stamp recipient on their welfare benefits. there's no room nor thieves and
3:38 pm
cheats and we have no use for them. coming up tomorrow, the unintended consequences of government welfare. are we unlearning the lessons of our past? more than 600 dead in egypt and president obama says he has seen enough for now. we'll talk about the u.s. reaction with the fox allstars when we return. @>g74/w?xoóçpnooowvúéñi/ 7k
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delivering mail, medicine and packages, yet they're closing thousands of offices, slashing service and want to layoff over 100,000 workers. the postal service is recording financial losses, but not for reasons you might think. the problem? a burden no other agency or company bears. a 2006 law that drains $5 billion a year from post office revenue while the postal service is forced to overpay billions more into federal accounts. congress created this problem, and congress can fix it.
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the united states strongly condemns the steps that have been taken by egypt's interim government and security forces. we deplore violence against civilians. we support universal rights essential to human dignity, including the right to peaceful protest. >> the president has put his thumb down on the scale on the side of the muslim brotherhood. this criticism of the egyptian government, i think, will resonate all over egypt and it will not do us any good. >> more than 600 people dead after the egyptian military
3:42 pm
cracks down on protesters in cairo and other cities around egypt. where does it go from here and what if anything canned the united states do about a transition back to democracy? let's bring in our panel now tucker carlson, host of "fox & friends" with us as is julie, host and correspondent from the "associated press" and syndicated columnist, charles krauthammer. the president talks tough saying he is canceling operation bright star. it's been canceled for a number of years now but he doesn't cancel the $1.3 billion we give to egypt. much of that money has already gone away. tucker, is he out of leverage here? >> i have to say, in his weak defense, it's a tough situation because you don't know. it's very volatile, you don't know where it's going to go. in the end, u.s. interests are paramount. there's no reason to stake out more ground than you need to except on the human rights question. i was really struck by the short shrift he gave to the burning of christian churches and christian
3:43 pm
homes. less than half a sentence. imagine a scenario or country of usa aid had mobs burning mosques. do you think the president would devote more than half a sentence to that? yes, he would. by omissions like that, it did seem to me his sympathies lie with the morsi people and i think fundamentally, that's bad. >> we get back to this question of the aid, julie, much of the money has gone already. the president says he is not going to make a determination whether or not this was a coup, which was the legal trigger to cutting off aid. for that, rand paul, the kentucky senator saying mr. property stop skirting the issue and follow the law and cancel all foreign aid to egypt? would it be a prudent thing to do? >> he's getting pressure from republicans and democrats on the hill. senator lahey had a similar statement today. what we're hearing from administration officials they really believe despite the violence we're seeing despite the military did oust a
3:44 pm
democratically elected wleerd you think he was doing the right thing in office is a separate question but democratically elected, administration officials think it is the right thing to do to provide this aid to egypt and feel the relationship is paramount to keeping peace with israel a huge security concern to the united states. barring a huge shift we're seeing on the ground in egypt i think you will see that aid in place. >> bottom line, can the president cut off this aid? i talked to ambassador bolton, a lot of it is tribute to the egyptian military to uphold their camp david peace accords. >> he could. it wouldn't be a lot of money. given the gulf arabs are giving the military regime $12 million. ours is one-tenth of that. i don't think the issue here is the money, the symbolism. i think obama -- i don't say this often -- i think he got it right today in terms of
3:45 pm
threading the needle. look, this is an old issue. we faced this in the cold war. on one side, we have an army coup. on the other side, a far left government tending towards to ta talltarianism. these are chases we had to make. the choice of the better of the two evils. here, you don't want to show support for a crackdown of this. i think he said the right words in deploring the violence, calling for inclusiveness and all this. he knows it won't have any effect. this is now a showdown between the military and brotherhood, the two strongest institutions in the country over who is going to govern. there's not a middle way. we have to live with one or the other. i think he didn't want to put his thumb on the scale that would hamper the government. the alternative of the brotherhood in control would be a catastrophe for egypt for minorities in egypt, women in egypt and the united states. even though he has to say a lot about deploring what's going on,
3:46 pm
canceling the military -- the military exercises, which would be a terrible photo op was the right partial thing to do. holding off on cutting off aid was also the right thing to do. i would say anything john mccain and rand paul agree on like cutting off aid has to be wrong. >> i asked you this at the beginning, tucker, let me ask you again. does this administration have any influence over the egyptian military because the president has been out there a few weeks saying we urge restraint, we want an orderly swift transition back to democracy and this happens. >> i think what the president said today egypt is in control of its own future. you wish we were in control but we're not. we have some leverage. in the end, no. it might be time to rethink the metric we're using democracy, the president again and again said we want a democratically
3:47 pm
elected government? do we? the goal is good government and pro israeli government, pro-western government, non totalitarian government that doesn't burn churches. democratically elected? hamas is democratically elected. that may be a tired standard. >> what do you think the consequences are for the united states if this continues to spin out of control? >> if it continues out of control you will see more pressure for president obama to cut off the aid. i don't think he will take that step. you have to worry about regional security implication, syria, israel, all the countries we have that egypt could spill over to. that's the long term impact we need to be worried about. a lot of talk about politics next, republicans plot strategy at their summer meeting and clintons work on damage control. we'll be right back. it's a re. i had my reality check when i'd be sitting there with my friends who had their verizon phones and i'd be sitting there like
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more appeal. republicans across the country getting together for three days, up in to talk about the way forward how they win in 2014, how they win in 2016. give us a little bit of a playbook here. what do they need to do other than getting people to vote for them. 2014 doesn't look like a bad year if you talk to most political analysts. the house looks pretty safe
3:53 pm
for republicans. some the senate races are looking good for republicans. the democrats are having a hard time recruiting in some states. 2016 is where the puzzle is still a little unsolvable. it's just not a matter of building stuff as andy said. it's a matter of crafting a message that will appeal to new people. it's not that they didn't reach the voters that they needed and get them out to the polls and find where the addresses and polling places were. they just didn't have the electorate that couldn't trump the electorate that the democrats had. >> got to have compelling candidates as well when you are looking at the 2016 race, tucker. part of this rnc summer meeting is to put together the new stars of the marco rubios, chris christies. when you look at those two people, they are being undercut by certain factions of the party rnc is putting them out there to say this is our future. >> the final question is who is going to unite the party. the divisions are really deep and significant and you think at the end, you know, some reagan-like
3:54 pm
figure will come and convince the libertarians to get along with the establishment, republicans with whatever the neocons are whatever. it's almost hard to see anybody in the field now who is going to be capable of doing that the divisions are really bitter. there is just a tiny union set of beliefs between say rand paul and chris christie. the sniping between them is hay higher level sniping between potential candidates. it's heart-felt. >> you have got to wonder, too. a broad republican field sniping at each other with hillary clinton already the presumptive nominee for the democratic party. having such a wide field. does it help the candidates or does it hurt them? but the other aspect of the hillary clinton story is that you know, she movinged into the building of the clinton foundation taking up a couple of floors. what are your thoughts on all of that? >> it's an association i'm not sure is going to help her politically. it's a perfect reflects of the persona of her husband. you have to describe his presidency you would say successful, charming as
3:55 pm
always, -- sloppy. disorganized. i'm talking about the way he ran his white house. pizza at 3:00 a.m. the stuff like a bull session in college went on and on. and that is reflected in the foundation, which has got as the "new york times" showed very long article. the connections with corporate celebrity with money, with people who have self-dealing is pretty messy and i'm not sure if you are a candidate, despite hillary's celebrity and how much she is adored by democrats. it's a difficult association and it could be harmful. >> quickly, only a few seconds left here. philanthropy two to aclose to politics. >> i didn't think anybody is going to vote for hillary based on other articles you see underscore the question she has to answer. does she want to go dilute scrutiny run for president. >> do you think hillary clinton is going to be a good candidate? go back and look at her
3:56 pm
speeches from '08. i will remind you. brittle. >> that's it for the panel. clever tactics get caught on tape. we'll be right back. alert. the beach on your tv is much closer than it appears. dive into labor day with up to 50% off hotels at travelocity.
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we're cracking down on medicare fraud. let's make medicare stronger for all of us. >> john: finally tonight, remember those old car tunes from jelly stone park where yogi bear was trying to outsmart mr. ranger for that ever allusive picnic basket? the question didn't went yogi is it me or are bears getting smarter before our eyes. he finds food. look at that okay. there he goes. look at that now look at this bear. actually t the entire takes the entire dumpster with him. [ laughter ] but best of all, watch this bear. here is a dumpster. he can't move. watch what this bear does. look at this. gets in the truck. look at that takes the whole truck. takes the whole thing.
4:00 pm
>> smarter than your average bear. thanks for watching john roberts. good night from washington. "the fox report" with shepard smith is coming up next. >> shepard: this is the fox report. egypt in crisis. more than 600 people dead. the future in dow and america's foreign policy in question. plus, blackmailing miss teen u.s.a. >> i kind of got involved with an online stalker and hacker. >> she says that hacker claimed to have used her web cam to take private photos of her in her bedroom. now the fbi is involved and investigators tell us misteen u.s.a. wasn't the only target. america's wounded warriors forced to travel across a medical campus just to get some food. >> for guys that don't have

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